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Mixed videos

Here you find some YouTube videos that are not part of a whole course and stand for themselves. You can also download the pdf versions here.

Jordan Normal Form

This is a short video series about the Jordan normal form as one learns it in Linear algebra

This is an overview for the topic.

Watch Jordan Normal Form Part 1 PDF Version

This is an example.

Watch Jordan Normal Form Part 2 PDF Version

This is another example

Watch Jordan Normal Form Part 3 PDF Version

This is about the transformation matrices.

Watch Jordan Normal Form Part 4 PDF Version

Riemann integral vs. Lebesgue integral

The following video is used as a motivation for my measure theory series.

Here, I explain the differences between the Riemann integral and the Lebesgue integral in a demonstrative way.

Watch Riemann integral vs. Lebesgue integral PDF Version

Greek Letters in Mathematics

This is a video that explains all the Greek letters which are used in Mathematics and Physics.

This is the video about greek letters.

Watch Greek Letters in Mathematics PDF Version

Explaining Mathematics with OBS

This video explains how one can use OBS to improve presentations through online conferences.

OBS is a powerful program. Combining it with online conferences has large advantages for everyone. So please use this nice software :)

Watch Explaining Mathematics with OBS

LU decomposition - An Example

This video is about the LU decomposition for square matrices. I show the algorithm with the help of an example.

The LU decomposition essentially is the Gaussian elimination while store all the steps in a matrix.

Watch LU decomposition - An Example

PLU decomposition - An Example

This video generalises the LU-decomposition from before to non-square matrices where also row exchanges could be needed. This means that the PLU decomposition is the general procedure to apply the Gaussian elimination in a closed matrix form.

The PLU decomposition for non-square matrices will be explained with the help of an example.

Watch PLU decomposition - An Example PDF Version

Complex Numbers - Solving equations

This is an important procedure to solve equations in the complex numbers.

We use an example to explain how to solve simple equations with complex numbers.

Watch Complex Numbers - Solving equations PDF Version