How to Learn Mathematics

This is about learning mathematics. I explain mistakes that happen a lot and also happend to me.

Part 1 - How NOT to Learn Mathematics

There are 5 things that are very common for students but noticing them is very important.

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Part 2 - Learn with the Map of Mathematics

Here I give an overview how to use my network for the courses that you can find here.



Part 3 - Learn Linear Algebra with my Videos

In this video, I give you a 15-minutes overview for my Linear Algebra course. I explain which videos are important for your learning path and which topics they cover.



Part 4 - How to use my videos to start learning mathematics

Here, I want to give an overview for my series about the fundamentals of mathematics. This is the course you should watch if you want to start learning maths.



Part 5 - Use Search and Quizzes

This is an update video for the year 2024. I explain new features of the website and how you can use them to learn mathematics. This includes: search bar, exam quizzes, and subtitles on GitHub.



Summary of the course How to Learn Mathematics