Start Learning Logic

Here, you find my whole video series about Start Learning Logic in the correct order and I also help you with some text around the videos. If you have any questions, you can use the comments below and ask anything. However, without further ado let’s start:

Part 1 - Logical Statements, Negations and Conjunction

Start Learning Logic is a video series I started for everyone who is interested in the necessary foundations you need to enjoy the whole world of mathematics. We discuss what a logical statement is and how we can transform it into new logical statements:

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Part 2 - Disjunction, Tautology and Logical Equivalence

Now you know that the mathematical logic we learn here is not so different from the everyday logic you use all the time. Here, it is more about to learn the correct symbols and always to be precise.

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Part 3 - Conditional, Biconditional, Implication and Deduction Rules

Okay, you see that the topics are not so complicated despite having some new words like disjunction and logical equivalence. However, you can easily visualise them with simple everyday examples to get a feeling for them. In the last part about logic, we learn some more notions:

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